Property in Bangkok
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Property in Bangkok

Property in BangkokForeigners interested in investing in Thailand property are limited in the type of properties they can own. Land ownership of buildings is the exclusive right of Thais although foreigners are allowed to own buildings. Thus for foreigners, investing in the construction of a building on a piece of land in Thailand is not a very […]

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US Citizen Buying Property in Thailand
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US Citizens and Property

US Citizens and PropertyCan a US citizen own land in Thailand is a common question as one tends to think about the US Amity Agreement. According to the Chief Registrar, Phuket Provincial Land Office the answer is simple! A US citizen may own any property in Thailand but not the land. This applies to all foreign nationals in […]

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Bangkok Attorneys
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Property Law Firm

Property Law Firms in ThailandIf you are buying property in Thailand then speak to us at Siam Legal for property advice. With an excellent reputation in Thailand and the expatriate community and a law office in all the major cities in Thailand we at Siam Legal can assist you today. Call us toll-free from the US or from the […]

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Lease in Thailand
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Property Leasehold Agreements

Property Leasehold AgreementsIf you are considering leasing property in Thailand there are a few important issues to remember before signing any agreement. Speak to an attorney in Bangkok with regards to leasehold agreements . Once you find property which you like and would be looking at leasing always speak to an attorney first as the […]

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Property Tax in Thailand
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Property Taxes in Thailand

Property in BangkokProperty taxes in Thailand is not the same as back home as they do not have CGT (Capital Gains Tax). There is a different system which is used as explained below. As there is no Capital Gains Tax in Thailand the income from the property sale is viewed as a normal income. This would be […]

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Thailand Condominiums
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Villa or Condominium – Thai Law

Villa or Condominium - Thai LawWhat is your property classed as – a villa or a condominium and how does Thai law decide what to define your property as. The answer lays in the Thai statues for a definition. Each area much like the West has zoning laws and this one can find at your local Tambon Administration Organization (OrBorTor) […]

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