Category: Family

February 18, 2023
Divorce in Thailand

Divorce in Thailand is an important legal issue for both Thai and foreign couples who are considering ending a marriage. It is an important step because it marks a formal termination of the marriage in accordance with Thai law, and it can have serious effects on both parties, their children, and their assets and debts. […]

February 18, 2023
Marriage in Thailand

Marriage in Thailand is a very exciting time for couples. It can be a very special and memorable occasion but it also involves some serious legal procedures that aren’t for the faint-hearted! Thai weddings are very much about family and fostering a bond of love and trust between two people. The ceremony itself can be […]

March 31, 2022
Thai Will and Testament in Thailand

If you're a foreigner who lives in Thailand longer-term and has invested in properties on the island or has a marriage to a Thai national, one of the things you should seriously think about is the creation of your last Will as well as Testament. It is common for people to avoid discussing this subject, […]

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